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From May 10, 2005, two weeks began, workshops were invited at the Brook House in the North Wales region, from the kiln of the hole kiln to the firing.

Wales Cray Art 2005

On May 20 and 21 of the same year, 80 ceramic artists from the world gathered in Denby Province, Cray Art was hosted, and the demonstration and talk show were held as the main guests.

Exibition 21,MAY,2005〜

I will hold a solo exhibition with Rafford and Lucyn in the Wales region.

Exibition 23,MAY,2005〜

I will hold a solo exhibition with Rafford and Lucyn in the Wales region.

International Ceramics Festival

The International Ceramics Festival is the largest pottery event of the UK held in Wales once every two years by the North-South Wales Ceramic Artists Association
I was invited as one of 12 writers from around the world and gave demonstrations, slides, lectures and work exhibitions.

Goldmark Gallery

From Friday, June 22, 2007, 140 items including solo exhibition vases, flower vases, tea cereals etc. were exhibited at Uppingham Rutland GOLDMARK in the UK.


June 12, 2008 at the Boston-Packer Gallery for 1 month
The 4th KEN MATSUZAKI Burning Tradition exhibition was held.
Prior to this exhibition, Gary Talk was held on June 12, entitled Potter's evening at the Gallery.
Participants gathered collectors, pottery artists and others and exchanged a lot of specialized questions.
June.13. Gallery Dinner was held with the purpose of inviting invited guests.
June, 14 Public Opening Wear the wine prepared by the gallery, and watch the work while socializing.


June 20, 2008 Studying Pottery with a Japanese Master
A presentation and exhibition of work by Ken Matsuzaki
The lecture was given at The Art League Gallery and the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Washington DC Participants exceeded 250 people.
A workshop (demonstration) was held for 2 days from June 21, 2008 to June 22, 2008 at 25 people limited at The Art League School Ceramics Department.


River Falls, Wisconsin
June23,2008~July5th,2008 Anagama Firing Workshop
Sponsorship:Randy Johnston
Co-organizer:University of Wisconsin
sponsor:Andy and Linda Boss
        Mary and EM Swart Continental Clay Co
Ken Matsuzaki 's kiln firing workshop was held for 5 days from June 23, in a pottery artist Randy Johnston' s hole kiln.
This workshop carefully selected young ceramics 24 people,
I will do the Anagama Firing Workshop with a kiln about their works and give lectures on kiln firing.
Mr. Warren Mackenzie and Mr. Ron Meyers, Minnesota's potter's elder, participated in this kiln firing and also Mr. Phil Rogers from the United Kingdom joined and made a meaningful and fun kiln firing.
After yielding the kiln, 24 young potters saw the feeling of admiration unlike the way they had been kiln-fired until now and the baking that I had imagined.
After the kiln firing, we demonstrate the lecture and production until the kiln is out.
Instructor: Warren Mackenzie / Ron Meyers
Ken Matsuzaki / Phil Rogers
Randy Johnston
emonstration workshops were performed using a studio of Randy Johnston and a slide lecture and a demonstration of five writers.
Participants were satisfied with the wonderful space of five artists with more than 30 years of background.